Night 1 - Illuminate

Venue: The Colonial Hotel

Opening night at GHC2018 will light up your life. Join us at The Colonial Hotel in Melbourne’s CBD from 8 pm until late. Expect great tunes, stunner dance moves, and decorations like you've never seen before!

Glow on, get on our spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum.

Wear white to help us add to the light! It’s a bright idea to to get in by 9:30 pm, otherwise you’ll miss out - which wouldn’t be quite right.

Night 2 - Dystopia

Venue: The Trust

You’ll need your wits about you on Saturday night. Join forces with your friends and choose your own adventure. Will you become one of the dead? Or will you be a warrior and stay ahead? The choice is yours. Be prepared to put on a fight.

Get to the venue before 9.30pm, otherwise you’ll be left to fend for yourself.

Brains for brunch with a side of avocado, Flindy station is festering frights and Donald Trump is president. The end is here.

Night 3 - Sunday Funday

Venue: Collingwood Town Hall

We are taking it down a notch for a peaceful Sunday Funday. Bring yourself, your trivia cap, and your favourite teddy bear. Yoga, meditation, sweets, and games await at the Collingwood Town Hall. Be ready for some chill, with a touch of banter. Stay comfy - pants optional.

Night 4 - Splendour at the Docks

Venue: Hightail Bar

Following on from an afternoon of advocacy and workshops with the Projects team, kick on at Hightail Bar for a night of boogie. The dance floor will be all action!
You’re going to Splendour at the Dock!

Welcome to SPLENDOUR AT THE DOCK, a time-honoured tradition to vibe:
Something OLD: Party people on the d-floor, tasty treats to eat and more to pour.
Something NEW: Projects x Social Advocacy workshops
Something BORROWED: Hit your neighbour up for the sugar and recycle those party pants for a flossin’ theme.
Something BLUE: Blues, pop, electro & rock beats LIVE.

In the spirit of reducing, reusing and recycling, wear something borrowed!

Night 5 - Up in the Air

Venue: The Park

Dress to impress for the closing night cocktail party. We’re going up (and out) with a bang. We’re up in the air, floating in the clouds after a stunner of a week. Drinks and canapes will be included and we will be opening ticket sales to non-GHC attendees to bring your friends and partners to help celebrate. The sky’s the limit - if GHC2018 hasn’t inspired you to reach for the stars, then we don’t know what will!