Festivibes: Costume Decoration and Face Painting

You’re wearing your upcycled, thrift-shop, festival fashion best, but you want a little something #extra? Come on down to our costume station for face-painting (provided by the wonderful, glamorous Crystal from Crystal Faces), rhinestones, crown-making and more. Really become Splendid at the Docks!

Note: There will be a prize for Best Dressed so get crafty!

PMSA: Bula Time Island Relaxation Station

Come and learn about the Pacific Medical Students’ Association (PMSA) and our upcoming annual Southern Hemisphere Medical Camp (SHMC)!

PMSA is a volunteer run student initiative representing the voice and interests of medical students in the Pacific region. We exist with the central intention of promoting international collaboration on medical research, health promotion and clinical medicine between the next generation of health professionals. Our annual camp brings together students from across the Pacific to learn about pacific health issues, develop new skills, and create a culturally aware and diverse peer network.

There will be fun arts and crafts for all!

Check out their website, their Facebook and their Instagram here.

DEA: The Sustainability Price is Right

A reusable plastic bag from Coles might cost 15 cents, but the life cycle of one single use plastic bag costs about a teaspoon of crude oil.

What’s the true environmental cost of our everyday living items? Find out with our fun “The Sustainability Price is Right” quiz!

Virtual Reality Screening of “Inside Manus”

The word “refugee” is thrown around in today’s geopolitical maelstrom with increasing frequency and indifference. There’s news about Nauru, the Gaza strip and border crossings every other day. So who are these refugees, and what does it all mean?

Go behind the news. See this special virtual reality screening of SBS’s Inside Manus, and hear the story told by refugees Abdul Aziz Muhamat, Amir Taghinia, and Imran Mohammad themselves.

To view the film, download the SBS VR App from iTunes and from the Google Play Store.

The clip can be found here.

Medicinal Plants with Claire Dunn

Weeds by definition are unwanted, but some of the main common culprits are edible, nutritious and often medicinal. Are you walking over or weeding out the best green vegetables in your backyard? Do you know the traditional medicines at your doorstep?

Check out her website here.

Sign-ups available from 8am Monday Morning!

AMSA Rural: Seed Bomb Making

Get your hands dirty with this seed bomb making session! With all materials provided for you, you will be rolling native Australian seeds with soil and clay into small packages of potential. Leave these in neglected areas around town, for little pockets of beauty that grow when spring comes. After your weekend jam packed with global health discussions, come and have a chat about the rural issues in your own backyard. See you there!

Proudly sponsored and run by your friends at AMSA Rural.

Dancing with the Stars

Need some new moves for the d-floor? Want another excuse to use the salsa emoji 💃? We’ve got you covered with our Salsa workshop! Fun, casual, basic beginner-level 20min salsa lessons for all!

Ten Minute T-Shirt Totes

Reintroducing the lovely Holly from the Morning Show!

Combining our love of reusable bags and upcycling! With the planned end of single-use plastic bags in Victoria (looking at you Coles), and in many other states, this is an opportune time to learn how to make quick, easy, stylish tote-bags out of old t-shirts!

Up In the Air Origami Ball Decoration Station

You’ll be walking on air, after a week at GHC 18!

Come and fold an origami paper crane for tomorrow’s cocktail night, “Up in the Air”. Write a wish, or your favourite GHC 18 memory inside to be displayed at Cocktail Night, and for everyone to take home!

Get instructions on how to fold a crane here!

AMSA Reproductive Rights for Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

Every day, approximately 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, according to the World Health Organisation.

Infection is a major preventable cause of maternal mortality in the developing world, and we want to do something about it! Join us in making birthing kits for the Birthing Kit Foundation Australia. The kits will be sent to their field partners across the globe, making childbirth safer for mothers and babies in rural and remote areas.

Sign-ups available from 8am Monday morning – but please stop by even if you miss out – we may have room for you!

Learn more about AMSA Reproductive Rights and Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.

Coffee Tasting with Five Senses Coffee

If you’ve travelled interstate, you’ve come to the coffee capital of Australia. We’re serving up a literal taste of Melbourne with Five Senses Coffee!

Five Senses are dedicated to creating delicious brews with positive social impact and are currently supporting the organisation Trees for Kibira, Burundi.

Limited edition Five Senses coffee beans will also be available for purchase on the day!

Sign-ups available from 8am Monday morning.

Check out 5 Senses coffee here.

AMSA Crossing Borders: Messages for Manus

Have you had a look “Inside Manus” yet?

Seeking asylum is a human right. Pen a message of support and AMSA Crossing Borders will pass them on to refugees stuck in Australia’s offshore detention centres.

Check out the work Crossing Borders does here.

Guerilla Girls

The GHC18 organising team has 51 members. If 74% are women, where are all the men?

This exhibit was inspired by feminist art collective and activists Guerilla Girls, who formed in 1984 to protest the lack of women in artistic institutions. They rose to prominence for their wit and anonymity, and continues to protest and make art today.

Like the Guerilla Girls say: “You’re seeing less than half the picture.”

Smash the Patriarchy: Giant Jenga

Patriarchy getting you down? Facts and figures on the gender pay gap making you want to smash something (apart from the glass ceiling)?

Fear not! We have giant Jenga primed and waiting for you to release those sexism induced woes.
Stack it high and watch it fall!

Art Simone and Enigma (5.30 pm)

On behalf of AMSA Queer, we’re hosting a very special performance by Melbourne-based drag queens Art Simone and Enigma!

Check out Art Simone’s website and Instagram, and Enigma’s Instagram!