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The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) is the peak body that connects, informs, and represents Australia’s 17,000 medical students through advocacy campaigns, events, and publications. One of their key events is the Global Health Conference (GHC) – a national conference which brings together 700+ medical students from across Australia to learn, collaborate and advocate on global health issues. This year, GHC is being held in Melbourne, from August 17-21.

One of the biggest assets of AMSA’s events is in the diverse knowledge and experiences of our delegates. To ensure we have as many voices as possible engaged in the conversation, GHC would like to offer several scholarships to students who, due to financial or personal hardship, would be otherwise unable to attend. These scholarships will be awarded to students who have a genuine interest in in global health and development. Studying medicine is a significant commitment that can place great demands on students, both mentally and financially.

Students who attend GHC can not only make personal and professional connections in the world of global health, but they can bring back the skills and knowledge learnt to their universities, making lasting contributions that enrich the medical community.

Scholarship Types

There are two types of scholarships available for GHC18:

1/ Equity

Given to Australian medical students who, due to financial circumstances, personal hardship or remote/rural location, may not be able to finance their attendance to GHC18.

2/ Indigenous Equity

Given to Australian medical students who identify as Indigenous Australian and/or Torres

Straight Islander and, due to financial circumstances, personal hardship or remote/rural location, may not be able to finance their attendance to GHC18.

Application Process

Applications will be open from 5th June 2018 – 20th June 2018.

The process of applying involves two parts:

1/ Submit application form

2/ Submit 1 page cover letter, addressing

  • How the scholarship will benefit you
  • What makes you the most suitable candidate for a scholarship
  • What you hope to get out of the conference
  • What skills/knowledge you hope to take back to your university and/or community

NB: Please also feel free to email through any relevant supporting documents for your application (e.g. documents from university or government)

Please send your cover letter via email with the subject “Equity Scholarship Application” to eliza.kluckow@amsa.org.au before 5pm AEST 20th June.

The cover letter should be no longer than 1 page. You will hear if you were successful in receiving a scholarship by the 27th June.

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Attending AMSA’s Global Health Conference is a fantastic opportunity for medical students to engage in global health early on in their medical careers. The Conference consists of 5 academic days- including lectures, workshops and panels, along with a strong focus on advocacy. Previous GHC’s have had a high calibre of speakers, including Julian Burnside, Dr Ben Goldacre and Dr Stewart Condon.

GHC also allows medical students to broaden their professional network and social connections with their future colleagues all over Australia. We will encourage medical students to think and work empathetically, provide new perspectives on global health issues, and facilitate action. As future health practitioners, medical students should be advocates for health equity both within their community and abroad, and this Conference provides them with the skills and the knowledge to do so.

AMSA is proud of our diverse range of students, and we want to ensure there is equal access for all medical students in attending high quality events, and in kick-starting their global health journey. We are hoping you could graciously support through donating to our equity scholarships, and invest in the future of doctors in global health.


The scholarship is open to all Australian Medical students. Students will be selected based on passion for global health, along with personal circumstance including financial/personal hardship, rural/remote location or identifying as Indigenous Australian or Torres Strait Islander. Applicants will be asked to provide a personal statement for assessment of eligibility by the AMSA GHC2018 Executive Team. Students who receive a scholarship will be required to write a short reflection post conference which will be emailed to funders.


Make a one-off donation to our scholarship fund of to cover the cost of a medical student to attend GHC. We recommend one of the following:

  • Conference registration – $390 per student
  • Conference registration + accommodation – $750 per student
  • ½ Conference registration cost – $195
  • ¼ Conference registration cost – $97
  • Donation amount of your choice

Please note that the number of scholarships and amount of the scholarships will be dependent on the amount of funds raised and is at the discretion of the GHC18 Executive Team. All funding by donors will go directly to a student’s attendance to the conference.

If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact: eliza.kluckow@amsa.org.au 

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